Here's what the site looked like the last month and year of its life, May 2000
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1998 People's Fair from the top of  "the Hill" - Saturday - Sunny and 80

Welcome to the Hippest page in Southern Minnesota!
Since the days of Woodstock ( the "Original" one ), a small band of people have annually put together our own kind of "fair".  Outdoors, under the trees, next to the river, over the hill from the llamas.  That's right I said llamas! Not to mention the prairie dogs, and ostriches. For the last 30 years, we've put together what has become a informal rite of spring, People's Fair! It's a fund-raiser for the Eclipse Crisis Line , held in Sibley Park at Mankato, Minnesota.  It's two days in May (20th & 21st this year) filled with music, handmade crafts, and food.   side bar 2000.jpg (45797 bytes)

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Tickets -"Tickets!...Get your tickets here!"

Bands -" 2000 Schedule!"

Volunteers -" we could use the help"

Backstage - the "Fair's" Newsletter.

Crafts -"if it's handmade it's under the trees."

Foods -"anything on a stick"

Eclipse -" help when you need it"

Sibley Park - "a different look at our home."

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Mark your calendars now....
The 30th Annual

May 20 and 21, 2000
Meet you on the hill!

For additional information on this year's People's Fair call (507) 345-6457