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Each year, People's Fair has a limited amount of food vendors scattered throughout the the Park. Some are in the Music area others are in the craft area. Most of these vendors have been coming back to the "Fair" for years.  A portion of the food profits go to the People's Fair fund-raising efforts.
The food vendors are coordinated by Nancy Anderson (15 yrs.) , "Queen of Food-On-A-Stick".

2000 "Food-On-A-Stick Tour"

Shish Kabobs (with stick)
Corn Dogs (with stick)
Steak Sandwiches (without a stick)
Hot Beefs (without a stick)
Mini-Donuts (without a stick)
Shaved Ice (without a stick)
Egg Rolls (stick optional)
Fried Rice (without a stick)
Spicy-Wings (got it's own stick)
Brats (without a stick)
Hot Dogs (without a stick)
Indian Fry Bread (without a stick)
Buffalo Burgers (without a stick)
Pizza (without a stick)
Texas Taters (without a stick)
Barbeque Pork & Chicken Sandwiches (without a stick)
Lemonade (drink it with a straw, kind-of-a hollow stick)
PEPSI Products (hollow stick thing, again)

And last but not least...

Schells logo.gif (6988 bytes)
Mankato Jaycees Schell's Beer Concession (keep 'em away from yours with a stick!)

Mark your calendars now....
The 30th Annual

May 20 and 21, 2000
Meet you on the hill!

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