Ok, this isn't really a current People's Fair Page.
It is a tribute to People's Fair set up by a loving, die-hard fan.
I will post content from previous years as time permits.
I will also post a place where you can upload your favorite pictures, stories, sound clips, etc.

Audio clips made on my portable "boom box" cassette player over the various years at People's Fair

Clip from the 1994 PF of The Divers doing a
Medley Of Every Song Ever Written
People's Fair wouldn't be complete without hearing City Mouse's
Trouble, You Can't Fool Me
from 1999

Mary Jane Alm, 1992  Love Me Like A Man

Hoopsnakes, 1992 Meet Me Tomorrow Night / Hello Josephine
PF credits Max Tite, Dick Dietz, 1992 Intro to Hoopsnakes Hoopsnakes, 1992 Forty Days
Bonus: A single by the band Small Change featuring Clay Miller, Dan Corbett, Brad Blume and Jeff Klingel

Funny How Things Work Out

I Wonder
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1998 People's Fair from the top of  "the Hill" - Saturday - Sunny and 80

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